SMR Simulator to Be Installed in Norway

The Norwegian Institute for Energy Technology and Tecnatom Spanish engineering company have signed a contract to develop and supply small modular reactor (SMR) simulators.

Researchers of the Norwegian Institute for Energy Technology had already used the integrated simulator of water-cooled water-moderated reactor that Tecnatom developed and submitted to the International Atomic Energy Agency, but then decided to develop their own simplified and adjusted variable-unit simulator based on standard SMR designs.

Availability of the simulator will allow researchers of the Institute to study operation and monitoring in the main control room of several power units with highly automated control systems. In addition, cybersecurity studies can be developed using the simulator.

The new simulator will allow real-time simulation of everything that happens in each of the selected units, not only during normal operation, but also during abnormal and emergency scenarios, as well as during events that can occur at several units at the same time.

The simulator will interact with different control and monitoring interfaces and will be able to transfer all the necessary variables to new interface systems to check their design, as well as information about the reaction of personnel.

According to World Nuclear News