IAEA is Launching New Series of Webinars on Implementing Safeguards in 2022

To improve governments’ understanding of their nuclear safeguards obligations, support effectiveness of their implementation and ensure that states around the world use nuclear material for peaceful purposes, IAEA is launching a series of interactive webinars.

During the webinars, IAEA experts will discuss various topics, including the control of nuclear materials at new nuclear power plants, compliance with reporting obligations according to various legal instruments, and strengthening state (SSAC) or regional (RSAC) systems for accounting and control of nuclear materials.

Participation in webinars is free, they will start on 15 February.

15 and 17 February – Strengthening SSAC

What makes the state system for accounting and control of nuclear materials effective? The webinar will discuss the characteristics of a reliable government safeguards infrastructure and share practical tips for RACS improvement.

22 and 24 March – Obligations to Provide the Additional Protocol.

The webinar will show the use of Additional Protocol III and consider the reporting requirements of states.

26 and 28 April – Informing about Locations outside Facilities.

What is location outside facilities (LOF)? How can a state determine all LOFs and ensure that the information they provide is correct and complete? The webinar will consider practical strategies of informing about LOFs.

17 and 19 May – Reporting Obligations under the Comprehensive Safeguards Agreement

What are the reporting obligations of states under the Comprehensive Safeguards Agreement (CSA)? What will change if the Small Quantities Protocol (SQP) is cancelled or becomes inoperative? At the webinar, you will learn everything you need for effective planning.

21 and 23 June – Implementation of Safeguards for New NPPs

The webinar will familiarize with the experience of other states and present how to develop the infrastructure of a state and a facility.

12 and 14 July – Comparison of SSAC and Safeguards Advisory Service

What are the benefits of SSAC request to IAEA for Safeguards Advisory Service (ISSAS) mission? Webinar will review ISSAS assessment guidelines/methodology and discuss ways for states to apply them themselves.

Pre-registration is required to participate in the webinars.

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