The Central Analytical Laboratory Destroyed in Chornobyl

The Russian occupiers looted and destroyed the Central Analytical Laboratory located in Chornobyl, which contained highly-level samples and radionuclide samples.

The Central Analytical Laboratory project, aimed at improving the infrastructure for radioactive waste management, was successfully implemented in 2015 through the EU Instrument for Nuclear Safety Cooperation.

The Central Analytical Laboratory was designed to characterize radioactive waste of all types, as well as to determine the compliance of Radwaste characteristics with the acceptance criteria for storage and disposal. Employees of the laboratory developed the required methodologies for control and standardization and provided analytical assistance in verifying the compliance of conditioned waste packages with technical specifications, provided analytical services under state nuclear and radiation safety reviews, and supported compliance monitoring with licensing conditions in the field of radioactive waste management.

The cost of the Laboratory, with unique analytical equipment, the only one in Europe, was estimated at 6 million euros.

According to the State Agency of Ukraine for Exclusion Zone Management