The Polish Nuclear Society Terminates Cooperation and any Contacts with Russian Organizations

In early March, the Polish Nuclear Society issued a Statement on terminating cooperation and any official contacts with russian organizations until the end of hostilities and bringing to justice all those guilty of violating international law. 

In the Statement, the Polish Nuclear Society condemned the unprovoked attack of the russian federation on an independent and democratic Ukraine, and the activities of russian troops violate all standards of humanity, including acts of violence against unarmed civilians. The russian president’s threatening statements to use weapons of mass destruction are also condemned. 

The Polish Nuclear Society states that it will not cooperate and will refrain from any official contacts with organizations associated with the authorities of the russian federation. 

The Charter of the Polish Nuclear Society states that one of the goals of its activity is efforts aimed at using nuclear technologies in the public interest. That is why such contacts contradict the Statute and violate any principles of humanity. 

The organization expresses solidarity with the Ukrainian people and calls the society to provide the necessary assistance. 

According to the Polish Nuclear Society