Guidelines for Actions in Nuclear Impact Areas

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine has issued Order No. 585 dated 06 April 2022 “On Approval of Guidelines for Action in Nuclear Impact Areas”, which are intended for use in case of tactical and/or strategic nuclear weapons use and define preventive measures to reduce the consequences of nuclear weapons use among the public.

According to the document, after the OFFICIAL NOTICE of the radioactive contamination hazard due to the use of the nuclear weapons is necessary to immediately put a gas mask on yourself, children, and small children (up to 1.5 years) have to be put in a children’s safety chamber if possible.

For adults you can use gas masks such as GP-9, GP-7, for preschool children: PDF-D, PDF-2D, for schoolchildren: PDF-W, PDF-2SH, up to one and a half years children: KZD-4, KZD-6.

If we talk about the respirators, it is best to use “Pelyustok”, R-2, R-2D, “Kama”, and RPG-67.

The dust mask and cotton gauze bandage have slightly less protective properties, but still significantly protect the human respiratory system.

To avoid damage to the skin, it is necessary to use raincoats with hoods, capes, overalls, rubber shoes, and gloves.

In the absence of respiratory protection and finding protective structures too far away, it is necessary to stay at home, close windows, and doors, cover them with a thick cloth or blanket. Close ventilation ducts, chokes, and seal cracks in window frames.

The main rule of safety and personal hygiene is to be in the open air as little as possible. When staying outdoors, be sure to wear personal protective equipment (respirator, raincoat, boots, gloves), and do not sit on the ground, benches, smoke, or take your clothes off. When you return home, wash or wipe your shoes with a wet cloth, shake off your outer clothing and clean it with a damp brush and broom. Wash face, hands and neck thoroughly, rinse mouth with 0.5% baking soda solution.

Wet cleaning with detergents should be performed daily in all premises.

Food should be cooked and consumed indoors only. Foodstuff should be stored in the refrigerator or other reliable places for protection, as much as possible to insulate them from external impacts (food film, containers). Take care of a water supply. The safest water is from artesian springs or other closed springs.

In case of notification of the need for iodine prophylaxis, it has to be carried out in accordance with the “Regulations on Iodine Prophylaxis in Case of a Radiation Emergency”, approved by the Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

According to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine