The U.S. Department of Defense Will Build a Mobile Microreactor and Hold a Demonstration at the Idaho National Laboratory

The Strategic Capabilities Office of the US Department of Defense will build a safe nuclear microreactor Project Pele. 

The reactor will be designed to generate one to five megawatts of electricity for at least three years at full capacity. You can start using the mobile microreactor three days after delivery, and its dismantling can be done within seven days. 

This reactor will be assembled and first operated at the Idaho National Laboratory and will be the first Generation IV nuclear reactor in the United States to generate electricity. 

Project Pele is a Generation IV nuclear reactor, which after the prototype can become a pioneer for the commercial implementation of such technologies. This will help reducing the country’s carbon emissions and provide new tools to deal with the effects of natural disasters and support critical infrastructure. 

According to the U.S. Department of Defense