Ivano-Frankivsk Developed a Device for Monitoring and Notification on Chemical and Radiation Threats

Ivano-Frankivsk team EcoCity will complete the development and production of the first prototype of the Hazard Detector soon, designed to monitor releases of chemicals (chlorine, phosphine) and measure the radiation background.

Hazard detector can be equipped with 2 electrochemical, thermocompensated sensors for harmful gases from the list of CL2, NH3, PH3, H2S, HCL, HF, NO2, SO2, as well as a remote gas sensor of the radiation background.

The main objective of the device is to inform in advance on the hazardous concentration of gases or radiation background for the user. Sensor refresh rate occurs every 5 seconds. Notification is performed by means of a vibrating signal, a sound signal (it is possible to disconnect), and also through the display (it is possible to disconnect this function).

The device stores measurement data on the internal storage card, which can be downloaded and sent via a Wi-Fi wireless connection. Connecting it to a smartphone via Wi-Fi allows you to transfer the average measurement data every minute to any server.

The internal battery capacity is 24 hours. The full charge time from the network is up to 7 hours.

According to the Reporter