Radioactive Water Leak in Japan

On August 1, a leak of seven tons of radioactive water occurred at the third power unit of the Mihama NPP in Fukui Prefecture.

An alarm signal sounded at the power plant, indicating a decrease in the amount of water supplied to the pump. The inspection revealed a water leak from the filter cover flange on the water injection system. As it turned out, the cause of the accident was that the sealing ring for the filter protruded from the end surface of the flange of the filter cover on the water injection system.

The leak of radioactive water occurred inside the building, so there is no threat to society and the environment.

This reactor is over 40 years old and was the first reactor to be restarted after the Fukushima accident. It resumed operation in June 2021, but was shutdown again in October 2021 due to non-compliance with the requirements of anti-terrorist security, the protection of facilities from possible terrorist attacks.

According to Kansai Electric Power