Second Phase of Radiation Survey of Deoccupied Territories in Kyiv Region Started

On 24 – 27 October 2022, SSTC NRS expects as crew members of the RanidSONNI mobile radiation survey laboratory conducted radiation survey of the Ivankiv and Poliskyy local communities.

The survey was aimed at detection of radioactive contamination and radioactive materials that could be transferred by the invaders beyond the Exclusion Zone as a result of incompliance with radiation safety rules.

The radiation survey route was arranged considering data on potentially contaminated locations provided by the residents and local administrations of territorial communities.

The radiation survey campaign of 24-27 October covered the following facilities:

  • educational institutions (schools, kindergartens, etc.): 12;
  • medical institutions (hospitals, dispensaries, etc.): 5;
  • public places (libraries, cultural centers, buildings of local councils, etc.): 28;
  • private estates, houses: 10;
  • roads, streets: more than 200 km;
  • household and military items: 5.

On the map you can find the route of radiation survey conducted by the SSTC NRS experts.

We would like to inform you that based on the results of the survey, no radioactive contamination of facilities, rooms and areas related to the activity of the invaders was detected. No increase of gamma ambient dose equivalent was detected on the surveyed territories. The ambient dose equivalent values measured during gamma survey carried out manually and with the help of radiological reconnaissance vehicle made up to 0.19 μSv/year what corresponds to the natural background values and characteristics of this area.

The Cs-137 radionuclide was detected in wood ash and in the surface layer of the soil under the roofs of buildings. This relates to the consequences of ChNPP accident.

We want to remind the owners of private estates of Ivankiv and Poliskyy local communities the following:

  • the concentration of radionuclides in the ash is 100 times higher than the concentration of radionuclides in woods. It is not recommended to use such ash as a fertilizer due to the possibility of radionuclide migration to the vegetables;
  • if, as a result of the survey, the experts detected the radioactive contamination of the soil under the roofs of buildings, it is not recommended to plant vegetables there.

The radiation survey is carried out in the framework of implementation of SURVEY project which aims at identification and minimization of the risks of population exposure as a result of the contact with radiation sources/radioactive contamination, as well as alleviation of public anxiety related to the anticipated risks associated with the presence of the invaders in Exclusion Zone. The experience gained in the course of the project will be used in future during survey of the deoccupied industrial eastern regions.

According to SSTC NRS