Innovative Synroc Radioactive Waste Processing Facility Built in Australia

The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization (ANSTO) has completed the construction of the innovative Synroc radioactive waste processing facility which is due to begin operations in 2025.

The implementation of Synroc technology designed for remote operations inside a shielded hot-cell environment and intermediate and high-level radioactive waste processing is on-going.

The hot isostatic pressing is an important constituent of the technology. The hot isostatic pressing is a production process where heat and pressure are applied to the specially designed cans to achieve effective consolidation and reduction of the waste volumes and to improve the material properties by increasing its density and reducing porosity.

The next stage following the implementation of Synroc and other technologies is integration and cold test conduction prior to commissioning.

It should be noted that Australia does not have nuclear power plants but develops nuclear medicine and is one of the largest exporters of radiopharmaceuticals. That is why the Synroc plant will process liquid intermediate-level waste generated in nuclear medicine and convert the waste into solid form for disposal. However, other countries with greater nuclear power potential are interested in the deployment of Synroc technologies since Synroc’s radioactive waste processing technology can be implemented in various nuclear industry sectors.

According to ANSTO