Missing Radioactive Capsule Found in Australia

On Wednesday, 1 February, emergency services have found a tiny 8 mm by 6 mm radioactive capsule near Newman, ending a large-scale interagency search for the missing radiation source.

It was discovered two-meters off the northbound roadside edge of Great Northern Highway by a vehicle search crew, which was using specialized radiation equipment. It was securely transported in a lead container to Newman for secure storage overnight before being taken to a WA Health facility in Perth.

Western Australia’s Chief Health Officer and Chair of the Radiological Council Dr. Andrew Robertson said the chances of anyone being contaminated by the source were extremely remote.

Note that the search for the lost radioactive capsule headed by the Department of Fire and Emergency Services, covered 1400 kilometers of the territory from the sparsely populated area to metropolitan Perth and was successful in just seven days.

According to the Western Australian Department of Fire and Emergency Services