In 2023, the First Bitcoin Farm Operating on Nuclear Energy Will Open in the USA

Cumulus Data has completed construction of a data center connected to the Susquehanna Nuclear Power Plant in Pennsylvania and plans to start deploying equipment for the bitcoin mining company TeraWulf this year. The Cumulus data center will be connected directly to the Susquehanna power plants. Construction completion of the center makes it the first nuclear-powered bitcoin farm in the US. This will provide the crypto farm with “clean” electricity in full. In addition to mining, a facility focused on cloud computing will appear in the data center under construction.

To be competitive, Bitcoin miners arrange warehouses with computer equipment that consumes enormous amounts of electricity. Since renewable energy sources tend to be cheaper, Bitcoin miners often locate their operations alongside solar, wind, or hydroelectric power plants. But the level of emissions generated by bitcoins remains huge, and nuclear power is increasingly seen as a way to reduce them.

Cumulus Data is not an innovator in this field. Energy startup Oklo, which plans to build a small nuclear power plant, has signed a 20-year contract with Bitcoin mining company Compass Mining. Miami’s pro-cryptocurrency mayor has tried to attract Chinese bitcoin miners by offering them the use of the city’s nuclear power.

According to CNET