US Senators Want to Ban the Import of Russian Uranium

U.S. senators from the Democratic and Republican parties presented a bipartisan bill to ban the import of russian uranium. The bill is a Senate’s amendment to H.R. 1042 draft law, which was presented last month by U.S. House members Cathy McMorris Rodgers and Bob Latta.

Republican Senator John Barrasso said that every dollar the U.S. pays russia for uranium, supports vladimir putin’s war against Ukraine. That is why the United States must permanently remove all russian energy, including uranium, from the American market. In addition, the American nuclear industry is ready to refuse from russian uranium, since Wyoming has all the resources to increase the production of uranium in the United States. A ban on russian uranium imports would further weaken russia’s war machine, help revive American uranium production, and enhance national security.

The lack of capacity for the production of enriched uranium in the USA has led to a dangerous dependence on russian nuclear fuel, which currently amounts to more than 20%. This bill will ensure that American nuclear power companies do not depend on uranium fuel imported from russia. This was stated by Democratic Senator Joe Manchin.

According to the U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources