Project to Replace russian Fuel at European NPPs Started

The innovative Euratom APIS project, which we announced previously, started under financial support of the European Commission. The project is aimed at the accelerated implementation of secure and reliable nuclear fuel supply for VVER nuclear power plants in Ukraine and the EU and is necessitated by the urgency and importance of ensuring energy supply in the current geopolitical situation. The project envisages the development of innovative Westinghouse fuel for VVER-440 and VVER-1000 reactors.

In general, the project will promote the highest standards of nuclear safety in use of alternative fuel for VVER reactors in EU member states and Ukraine, a coordinated approach to the licensing of alternative fuel for VVER reactors, and safety enhancement in nuclear fuel supplies for VVER reactors. In particular, the APIS project is intended to ensure a coordinated approach to the licensing of alternative fuel including qualification and benchmarking campaigns and further development of necessary codes and standards. The implementation of the APIS project will help increase the level of energy security and independence in European countries.

The SSTC NRS is proud to be part of the project, because it is a significant step towards energy independence from the aggressor country.

The SSTC NRS experts will perform activities within 7 of the 11 work packages under the project and will lead the work package for studying the impact from the introduction of new-generation fuel on the long-term operation of nuclear power units. The SSTC NRS is also expected to participate in the knowledge dissemination activities.

According to SSTC NRS