Editorial Board

In order to control and coordinate the content management of the Website on Nuclear and Radiation Safety in Ukraine; to determinate the direction of its further development; to work out the promotion strategy for Internet-resource Uatom.org the Editorial Board of the Website on Nuclear and radiation Safety in Ukraine was set up.

Composition of
the Editorial Board of Uatom.org
Head of the Editorial Board:

Ruslana Tripailo

Deputy Chairman of SNRIU

Deputy Head of the Editorial Board:

Anna Gavriuk

Head of Sector on SNRIU Organizational Activity and Management Support

Members of the Editorial Board:

Nataliya Bizhko

Deputy Head of Division on Emergency Preparedness and Radiation Protection of the Nuclear Safety Department of the SNRIU, State Inspector
Yuliya Balashevska Head of SSTC NRS emergency Preparedness and Radiation Minitoring Department

Tetyana Verbytska

Press-Secretary of SSTC NRS

Nataliya Valigun Head of SSTC NRS Scientific and Technical Activity Coordination Department
Anna Gorashchenkova Head of the Division on International Cooperation and European Integration
Yuliya Yesypenko Head of SSTC NRS International Projects Department
Tetiana Kutuzova
Deputy Head of the  Emergency Preparedness and Radiation Protection Division of the Nuclear Facilities Safety Directorate of the SNRIU, State Inspector
Sergiy Lopatin
Head of the Nuclear Security and Safeguards Division of the SNRIU, State Inspector
Editorial Board Secretary:
Alona Yarushevska web-editor of Uatom.org – SSTC NRS PR and Mass-Media Specialist