South-Ukraine NPP

Beginning of construction — 1975
Start up of Unit 1 — 1982
Number of power units — 3
Type of reactor — VVER-1000
Total capacity — 3000 MW
Satellite town — South-Ukraine, Mykolayiv region

The plant history takes the count from December 1982, when the first unit started its operation. The second and third 1000 MW units were commissioned in 1985 and 1989.

The construction of South Ukraine-1 started in 1976. In 72 months, on 22 December 1982, the one million kW unit was connected to the power grid of the former USSR. In 1985 there was commercial startup of South Ukraine-2. Construction of South Ukraine-4 was suspended in 1991 by the moratorium for NPP construction declared in Ukraine. Rooms of unfinished unit 4 were rearranged. Two full-scale simulators currently operate there to train operators to simulate all control processes and situations that can occur in the main control rooms.

NPP operates three WWER-1000 reactors, which constitute two process stages.

On 28 November 2013, the SNRIU Board made a decision on long-term operation of SUNPP-1 until 02 December 2023 during a beyond design-basis period.

The SUNPP specificity is that a million-kilowatt turbine and generator are used at the one million kW power reactor and new process piping and other equipment. Equipment installed at South Ukraine-1, after its successful commercial testing, started to be used at all WWER-1000 units.

According to results of nuclear and radiation safety state review of “Report on Periodical Safety Review and Comprehensive Inspection of SUNPP-2”, on 7 December 2015 the SNRIU Board decided to recognize justifiability of SUNPP-2 safe operation to 31 December 2025.

The SUNPP is the basis of the The South Ukraine Power Complex, which consists of:

  • SUNPP;
  • Olexandrivska Hydro Power Plant on the Southern (Pivdenny) Bug River;
  • Tashlyk Hydro Pumped Storage Power Plant.

Tashlyk Hydro Pumped Storage Power Plant (THPSPP)

Construction of Tashlyk HPSPP started in 1981. Hydraulic unit #1 was put into operation in the end of 2006. Hydraulic unit #2 was commissioned in July 2007.

THPSPP is intended for covering peak loads in the South-Western region of Ukrainian power system and securing safe base load operation of SUNPP.

For more than 20 years of construction history, Tashlyk HPSPP project undergone significant modifications. Current revision of this project came through all expert reviews envisaged by the Ukrainian legislation. Based on the conclusions of these expert reviews the project was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. The project is implemented in line with all requirements of environmental legislation.

Olexandrivska Hydro Power Plant (OHPP)

OHPP composed of two hydro power units with 11.5 MW of total capacity was put in commercial operation in 1999. Annually, power units of OHPP generate more than 35 million kWh(e).

The Olexandrivska water reservoir is located in the Southern Bug river canyon and makes a part of the hydrotechnical facilities of the South Ukraine power complex, ensures electricity production at hydropower plant and serves as a lower water pond for Tashlyk HPSPP.
Olexandrivska hydro system is important for protection of the residential settlements located downstream the Southern Bug from spring floods.

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