International Exercises on Mastering Radiation Monitoring Technique Started in the Exclusion Zone

On 4 September, exercises on measurements of the radioactive contamination have started. The exercises involve German and Ukrainian services such as German Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS), Federal Police (BPOL), participants representing organizations of the Exclusion Zone, SSTC NRS RanidSONNI mobile radiological laboratory, mobile laboratories of Rivne NPP, and Emergency and Technical center of the Energoatom.

The main task of this year’s exercises is to practice radiation monitoring techniques using portable measuring devices, mobile laboratories, and aircrafts (two helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles) under conditions of radiation contamination in the Exclusion Zone.

Radiation monitoring is carried out in the following ways:

  • walking gamma surveying and determination of soil contamination density (in-situ);
  • soil sampling;
  • aerogamma removal

The practical result of the exercise organizers is to update the maps of certain radioactively contaminated sites, as well as the maps of the entire Exclusion Zone.

According to the program, the training will last until 19 September.