Kyiv-Ivankiv-Dytyatky Checkpoint: radiation survey by SSTC NRS experts of the territories after Russian Occupation

In June SSTC NRS experts conducted radiation survey of the road segment 35-37 V. Stusa St. (SSTC NRS Office) – Academician Palladin Avenue – Velyka Kiltseva Road) – Highway P69 – Highway R02 (Novi Petrivtsi Village – Stari Petrivtsi Village – Lyutizh Village – Demydiv Village – Dymer Village – Katyuzhanka Village – Fenevychi Village – Rudnya-Shpylivska Village – Ivankiv) – Chornobyl NPP/Dytyatky Checkpoint access road (Sukachi Village – Khocheva Village – Orane Village – Dytyatky Checkpoint) – Sukachi Village (Lenin Street – Shevchenko Street) – Ivankiv (Ivan Proskura Street – Kyivska Street) – 35-37 V. Stusa St. (SSTC NRS Office).  The project was implemented by the SSTC NRS experts in the framework of cooperation between the Norwegian Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (DSA) and State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine (SSTC NRS). 

The survey was conducted with the help of the RanidSONNI radiological reconnaissance vehicle (mobile radiation survey laboratory) and portable equipment. The gamma radiation survey was supplemented by additional (every 10 km) manual measurements of the ambient equivalent dose rate (EDR) from gamma-ray spectra. Also, additional radiation survey was conducted at the sites used by the russian occupational troops for the weaponry.

No abnormal values were detected during gamma EDR measurement and the results are within the natural background values specific to this area. No radioactive contamination was detected.