Rivne NPP Training Centre

Rivne NPP has the Training Centre (TC) as its division. Here plant employees increase their professionalism, improve their skills for their performance at NPP was safe and reliable. Safety culture instillation is considered as the primary objective here.

The TC posesses all conditions to train the licensed operative personnel and support their qualification. All aspects of operating a power unit may be worked through at full scale simulators PMT-440 and PMT-1000 which imitate main control units of VVER-440 and VVER-1000 reactors respectively.

Atomistss can develop not only labour skills, but also go in for physical training, harden themselves or relax at the TC. The Rehabilitaion and Recreational Centre allows training and fitness halls, a hall for team competitions, swimming pool, sauna, phychoemotional relief room etc. RRC works with the support of the Personnel Development and Employees Qualification Functioanl Support Divisions workers.