Quiz for Participants of Exhibition “Fire-Fighting Equipment/Protection Technologies”

During exhibition “Fire-Fighting Equipment/Protection Technologies” in 2021, many people approached our joint stand with the State Scientific and Technical Center for Nuclear and Radiation Safety. We could not help but seize the opportunity and conducted a small quiz on knowledge of the radiation protection basics.

Visitors of the exhibition could take a short test with 5 questions. For the correct answer, our partner SSTC NRS prepared gifts: branded T-shirts and copies of science fiction collection “Ukrainian Post-Apocalypse”.

So, 18 people dared to test their knowledge. Six of them gave the highest number of correct answers. Three participants scored seven points out of seven, two – six, one – five. The youngest of the winners (5 correct answers out of 7) was 15 years old.

Questions of SSTC NRS and Uatom.org Website Were as Follows:

What types of radiation do you know? (Alpha, beta, gamma, X-ray and neutron radiation).

In what cases iodine prophylaxis is carried out? (In case of accidents at nuclear reactors accompanied by the release of radioactive iodine).

Do I need to take iodine preparations before visiting the Chornobyl exclusion zone? (There is no need).

Where should I report if an item with a radioactivity sign is found? (State Emergency Service of Ukraine, National Police).

Choose the correct answer. Medical diagnostics using radiation

  1. Magnetic resonance imaging.
  2. Computed tomography.
  3. Radiography.
  4. Cardiogram.
  5. Fluorography.
  6. Ultrasound diagnostics

Correct answers: B, C, E.