Last month, the Editorial Board launched the online survey on their Facebook page about whose content readers will trust most in the event of an emergency at one of Ukrainian nuclear facilities. Now the voting is over: the largest number of respondents will trust the websites of the relevant ministries or departments.                        


In general, 74 people took part in the voting. The majority of the respondents (35%) are convinced that the websites of the relevant ministries or departments should be trusted. The second most popular (27%) was the answer: to trust friends or acquaintances working in this area. The website was the third in the rating of the readers’ trust (12%).

In other options, the votes were distributed as follows: 10% of readers will trust social networks, 6% – news agencies, 4% – government portal, 3% – television, 1% – radio, 1% – print media.

“We sincerely thank everyone who took part in the voting. In the future, we will do everything possible to ensure that the level of readers’ trust in the website only grows,” website editor Kateryna Stavnichuk said. Editorial Board