State Register of Radiation Sources

The State Register of Radiation Sources (Register) – integrated state system of accounting and control of radiation sources, the activity that involves radiation sources not exempted from the regulatory control. The Register includes information on radiation sources generated at the territory of Ukraine, imported from and exported abroad. Also, the Register includes the complete data on the owners of radiation sources.            

The Register was developed to support the regulatory activity of the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine (SNRIU) and is operated on the basis of the detached subdivision of Ukrainian State Industrial Enterprise “IZOTOP” – Central Register Center and corresponding Regional Centers. The SNRIU coordinates the Register activity.

At the territory of Ukraine the Register is one of the main tools of realization of the state guarantees with regard to implementation of international measures on safety and radiation protection of population.

In 2015-2016, the Register Іnformation System was successfully modernized by the employees of the State Scientific and Technical Center for Nuclear and Radiation Safety (SSTC NRS) and the Register experts. This information system is operated starting from September 2004. The project was implemented in the framework of technical assistance of Swedish Government.

The modernization of the Register Information System included: improvement and simplification of radiation source registration forms; purchasing of modern computers and office equipment; installation of operational software; modernization of current application software.

In 2015, the SNRIU together with the Register successfully completed the improvement of new radiation source registration forms.

In spite of the difficulties with government funding, the SNRIU asked for assistance of Swedish Body on Radiation Safety (SSM). In the framework of this assistance SSM representatives supplied in Ukraine state-of-the-art computer equipment for subsequent modernization of the Register. Ukraine received: server, 10 personnel computers with set Windows 7 operational system and Office Pro Plus 2013, 11 monitors, 8 multifunctional devices, printer, 13 uninterrupted power supply units, consumables, etc.

In 2015-2016, the SSTC NRS experts performed all the works related to installation, testing, and introduction of new hardware and software, modernization of Register Information System application software. Besides, SSTC NRS experts maintained the continued operation of the Register under modernization: radiation sources were registered and the reference data were available for the interested organizations permanently and in any time.

Currently, the regulatory pressure on radiation source users is considerably reduced due to modernization of the Register Information System and introduction of simplified register forms. Up to 2015, the registration form took six pages, after its simplification – one and a half. It contributes to more competent filling of the forms by radiation source owners, the number of registration refusals caused by poor quality of filling of registration forms was minimized. web-site revision